Sometimes it’s good to stop for a second and realize how fortunate we are. We have food on our table, a roof over our heads and small, trivial, existential problems to deal with. In my case I have all of the above and also the opportunity to meet some very special people in my life. Enter Mason, a 12 years old boy who was born a girl. After he told his sister: “do you think Mom and Dad would prefer a son or a dead daughter?”, his family eventually fully embraced their son identity.

I left the shoot truly inspired and humbled by the warmth and courage of this family living in the suburbs and lightheartedly fighting their own battle to make sure that Mason has a happy and fulfilling life. It was a beautiful, simple and low key shoot. Yet I often look back as one of the most meaningful and profound opportunities that this amazing job has given me.

Mason and his family didn’t initially want his face to be recognizable, but changed their mind after meeting with us and I feel honoured to have contributed, even if in a small part, to their decision to fully embrace this coming out. A huge thank you to Mason, his mother Lisa and VanMag for giving me the chance to witness and document a special moment in their lives. So much more work to come, crazy times!