We’ve just wrapped a great shoot with studio days in both NYC and LA for a wicked client (Bolt Threads) and I’m stoked to see the images already being released! Robbie Rogers (LA Galaxy star), Miles Chamley-Watson (Olympic fencer), Tanya Wright (Orange is the new black) and Benita Robledo (Teen Wolf) are among the ambassadors we shot.


A huge thank you to an amazing bi-costal crew:

Producer: Adele Thomas
Art Director: Paul Roelofs

Stylist: Renata Gar
HMA: Amanda Wilson
DigiTech: Remy Amezcua
1st Assistant: Chris Harth
2nd Assistant: Jay Diaz
Prop ass: Julie Green
Videographer: Mitchell Spielberg

Stylist: Sharon
Robbie Stylist: Warren Baker
HMA: Mishelle Parry
DigiTech: Dennis Ayuson
1st Assistant: Zach Coco
2nd Assistant: Grant Puckett
Videographer: Nick Hanson