This post is way overdue as I finally find the time to share some new work in the news section after wrapping up the last of back to back projects since June (more to come)! This was an amazing shoot for Canadian Geographic reenacting original WWI flying aces photographs.

From the article: “In the October issue of Canadian Geographic, young air cadets Terry Kim, Richard Knopp and Kristine Ragsdale can be spotted posing with a replica Sopwith Pup biplane that they helped build. It was an experience all three said changed how they thought of First World War planes and the brave young men who flew them.

The teens from the Langley, B.C. area worked with expert replica plane builders last winter to construct the plane as part of theWings of Courage project, the second in a trilogy of projects that fall under the A Nation Soars banner, a partnership between documentary makers Sound Venture, Heritage Canada, CPAC, Canadian Geographic and its publisher The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, created to commemorate the sacrifices made by so many a century ago.”