It’s with a heavy heart that I attempt to put these words together. When I heard the news it felt almost unreal, and it still does. I debated releasing this all day yesterday as I didn’t know if it was the right thing to do.

When I was writing the script for this story, the only choice for the player in the poster in the young kid’s room was Kobe. He represented everything I’ve ever respected in a successful athlete and dreamed myself to be: a fearless competitor, hardworking and dedicated, and a dreamer.


I grew up in Italy and having coached basketball professionally for a living, he was always an almost mythical figure. I remember hearing stories from fellow coaches about him being a young kid and kicking everyone’s ass on the court wherever he was following his dad across the Italian league. 

Since becoming a photographer and filmmaker I’ve fantasized about shooting Kobe countless times, picturing in my mind us talking in Italian and bonding over our love for the sport and the same region in Italy where he lived for a few years and I grew up in. 

It saddens me to know that day will never come, but it makes me smile knowing he’s up there kicking someone’s ass 1on1.

With Demi Harris ( from Reel Athletes (, Sage Langlois (young Demi) and Clay Crellin (Demi’s nemesis

Directed by Carlo Ricci (
Director of Photography: Byron Kopman (
Styling and props: Sarah Danniels (
Original music and SFX: Landon Trimble (
Colour: David Tomiak (
1st AC: Agatha Lee (
Makeup and hair: Atefeh Shojaie (
Stylist assistant: Brittany Elizabeth (

Special thanks to Will ( and Qwiss (

Produced by A&C Productions